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Why Use Sky-Coaster

bacteria found on airplane tray tables
Microbes and air travel
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The airplane environment is teeming with microbes (bacteria and viruses) that can survive for extended periods of time on passenger cabin surfaces.  The seat back tray table has the highest possibility of microbial contamination and is the surface passengers contact for the longest duration of time.  This puts passengers at risk for contaminating themselves and bringing contaminated microbes back to their loved ones after the completion of their air travel. Studies confirm the presence of bacteria, including multi-drug resistant bacteria such as Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on airplane tray tables.

Before you blame the airlines, please visit our friends at passenger and see how the everyday traveller can contribute to the colonization of tray tables.

Studies show that the airline tray table has the highest concentration of bacterial contamination in the airplane cabin environment, even higher than the bathroom door handle and lavatory flush button.

The Sky-Coaster is a disposable, 100% recyclable, single use, airplane tray table cover.  Made from the same material used for sterile surgical drapes, the Sky-Coaster may reduce the risk of bacterial exposure for you and your loved ones during your flight.

The Sky-Coaster is 100% manufactured in Denver, Colorado.

Scientific studies and reports

6 Places Germs Breed on a Plane  by Douglas Wright, Budget Travel  2010.

E. coli, MRSA can survive for days on planes.  2014

Journeys with Germs: What are the Dirtiest Places on an Airplane?

by Karla Cripps, CNN.  2015

peanut allergens on airplane tray table

Peanut/tree nut allergies and air travel

Airplane tray table contamination with peanut and tree nut particles is a concern for all passengers with these allergies.  The incidence of peanut allergies in children has more than tripled from 1997-2008.  The Sky-Coaster is made of the same material used in surgical operating rooms, and may provide a barrier to decrease the risks of exposure to allergen particles and a major anaphylaxis episode.  

The Sky-Coaster should not be used for sole protection against allergen exposure.  All airline recommendations should be followed for passengers with food allergies.  However, the Sky-Coaster may significantly decrease the risk of exposure to allergens from a contaminated tray table when used in conjunction with other protective protocols.

Sky-Coaster can protect you!

This could be the inbound flight for YOUR outbound flight!

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gross body parts on airplane tray table
gross body parts on airplane tray table
gross body parts on airplane tray table
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